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Rod Robillard is a dedicated expert mechanic who takes pride in his work. He’s built a solid reputation with his expertise and he’s known for excellent customer service as well.

I have been a GM Specialist for over 12 years, but thoroughly enjoy servicing all makes and models. My passion is cars…all kinds of vehicles, actually.

– Rod Robillard

Rod Robillard’s passion is the driving force for New Age Automotive, but it’s teamwork that builds this company. He makes sure that a commitment to quality work, top notch customer service, and future trusting relationships with customers are instilled in every employee. From the front desk representatives to the shop mechanics, they all share Rod’s philosophy of quality and passion about service.

He and his team have the experience and the training to handle any automotive repair or maintenance job on any vehicle. Mr. Robillard himself ensures that every mechanic who works for him is continually trained and that his shop’s equipment is state-of-the-art so they can service all of today’s vehicles. In fact, an all-round great experience is something New Age Automotive is dedicated to bringing to each customer transaction. It’s why Rod started this company, after all!

Customer Satisfaction is Number One With Rod & The Team

Nobody says it better than Rod Robillard himself: New Age Automotive is about more than just repairs. It’s about building a relationship with customers and delivering the best possible service for their vehicles.

Here’s what Rod has to say

Over the years, I worked for several different companies, but always felt removed from the customer/mechanic relationship. I opened my own automotive repair shop, in order to make the process more personable, straightforward and simple for the customer. I, the mechanic, want to provide front line service, and be accountable. I want my clients to walk away knowing exactly what is wrong, or needs to be fixed, on their vehicle.

Rod Robillard

Servicing All Makes & Models

When you’ve been taking care of vehicles for customers for as long as Rod & his team, you come to appreciate variety. They welcome all makes and models, and see each vehicle as a new and exciting challenge. Given the automotive industry is ever changing, and continually presents more complexity as technology advances; Rod is thrilled to take on new challenges. He prides himself on his skills and knowledge, and is eager to undertake repairs on classic to late-model vehicles.

Expertise & Passion: The Winning Formula

Keeping up with technological advances in the automotive industry requires ongoing training. Rod keeps his team up to date so you can feel confident that you’re getting the most expert service when you come to New Age Automotive. That’s only part of the formula for great mechanic service, however. The passion with which Rod runs his shop means that no detail is overlooked when your car, truck or SUV comes to the shop. They won’t overlook details that could mean all the difference between running a safe vehicle or unexpectedly breaking down sometime in the future.

You Can Feel Good About Working With the Mechanics at New Age Automotive

They’ll take the time to not only inform you of any potential issues they find, but to educate you about those issues. Only then can you and your mechanic truly make the best decision about your own vehicle’s maintenance and repair. Rod knows from years of experience that the customer must feel confident about the quality and necessity of any work done on his or her vehicle. Rod doesn’t let any customer leave his shop without fully understanding what needs to be done on his or her vehicle. He knows that trust is very important in the vehicle owner/mechanic relationship, and he’ll do everything he can to build that trust.

From top quality service to that extra mile taken to inform, educate and assure every customer about service being performed, New Age Automotive strives in every way to please.

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