Performance Upgrades

New Age Automotive can help you keep your vehicle in top shape so it’s reliable and safe to drive. They can also help you transform your car, truck or SUV into a high performance dream machine, if that’s what you desire! From light bars to performance exhaust systems, the expertise is here. The team will not only install your aftermarket upgrades, but can help you identify which upgrades will improve performance, best suited for your needs.


There are all kinds of performance upgrades for all kinds of vehicles and all kinds of driving situations. Sometimes it’s a service vehicle that requires accessories in order to perform its job. Sometimes a car owner wants to increase his “street cred”…perhaps a performance exhaust system that roars like thunder or purrs like a cat? Or sometimes special driving conditions necessitate performance parts…off roading is a prime example. It’s all covered here in the shop.

Why Do I Need This Service?


Performance Exhaust Systems

An aftermarket exhaust system is one of the most popular upgrades with both the off roading crowd and the everyday street driver. While we don’t condone street racing, we do know that having a performance exhaust system is one of the best ways to let others know you’re driving something special. The New Age Automotive team can help you choose what’s right for your vehicle: do you want a deep, mellow tone that emits style? Or do you want a more aggressive tone that exudes power and lets everyone know you’re boss? Come discuss it with the team and you’ll drive away knowing you got only superior service but also expert advice tailored just for your vehicle and the way you drive it.


Other Performance Upgrades

  • Install a performance cold air intake system for maximum horsepower
  • Level your truck for a custom look or for attaching a snowplow
  • Install an aftermarket air filter for a cleaner-burning engine


If larger wheels is what you want, bring in your vehicle and get it done right. You’ll find out how much, if any, you’ll need to alter your suspension to make room for larger wheels and tires. Don’t want to raise your truck? You’ll get expert advice on what wheels & tire package to choose so you get the look you want without the added expense and hassle of raising your suspension. You’ll drive away knowing your new tires won’t rub against the car body, the wheel offset is correct, your wheels are properly aligned, and all was done correctly

Vehicle Accessories

We recently installed aftermarket LED green lights for a volunteer fire fighter. This is just one example of hundreds of ways you can customize your vehicle.

  • Install nerf bars for a step up into your truck.
  • Install a custom grille that accommodates a winch, or just for great looks
  • Attach fender flares for a custom look and protect your vehicle from road debris
  • Attach some body armor to your Jeep for protection as well as great looks
  • For your truck, how about a tonneau cover, bed lining, light bar, contractor’s rack…you name it!


We offer complete, full service automotive repairs. 

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